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Data Center Migration Planning

DCMWORKS Migration Planning services assist companies in need of relocating or consolidating their data center services. Our team of skilled migration experts collaborate with our clients to document application, network, and storage dependencies. Tools, templates and industry best practices are applied to develop detailed migration plans to newly constructed data centers, colocation facilities or private cloud environments. Our clients look to us to control cost, apply our unique blend of experience and reduce the risk associated with their project.

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IT Relocation Management

DCMWORKS IT Relocation Management service successfully bridges the gap between the business, IT and facilities. Our team acts as the liaison between facilities and IT, helping to define IT’s requirements and meet the construction schedule. We deliver projects for office relocations and consolidations. The project lead develops and maintains the budget and resources required for the IT systems through successful completion of the relocation.

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Business Continuity/Disaster Recovery Consulting

Not unlike a well-crafted Insurance Portfolio, a solid Business Continuity Program (BCP) that incorporates Disaster Recovery Planning and Testing can serve to protect your business from an unfortunate catastrophic event or mishap impacting the Information Technology arm that supports your business. Unless you are willing to expose your products, services, and employees to a significant work stoppage it is essential that your company is in a state of preparedness for such an event that could happen at any time with little or no warning. Whether your company has no current plan, or is lacking in critical components including meeting requirements for periodic testing there is a solution!

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DCIM Service Delivery Methodology

DCMWORKS Service Delivery methodology insures effective, decisive and timely delivery of critical data center capability for our customers. Core to the delivery methodology is a consistent proven approach in development and execution of workflow components developed in concert with our customers.

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Data Center Infrastructure Management

Our Data Center Infrastructure Management provisioning and workflow service allows our customers to focus on what is important – Delivery of world class data center services. Leveraging our proven service delivery model for providing infrastructure management functionality provides up to date views, reporting and analysis of infrastructure components within their environment allowing proactive planning and rapid delivery of data center services.

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Precision by DCM
Precision is a revolutionary new application developed by DCMWORKS aimed at documenting the support structures of your systems in a manner that is relevant to managing them.
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Assessment & Roadmap

IAM assessment and roadmap development engagements provide a basis for definition and construction of a comprehensive blueprint and associated roadmap implementation plan.

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Change Management

Change Management IAM capabilities are a core IAM component which delivers a consistent, auditable trail related to identity change events across an organization. IDMWORKS proven Change Management development, design and implementation methodology insures our customers environments are comprehensive, operationally sound and completely scalable.

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Audit and Compliance

Effective audit and compliance capabilities integrated as part of an overall IAM implementation insure rapid reporting functionality as well as a clear picture of remediation activities and status.

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Life Cycle Management

As businesses grow, change and evolve so do specific digital identities. The manifestation of a digital identity must align with an organization rapidly, aligned with policies, procedures and standards without interruption. Life Cycle Management capabilities provide an effective business related methodology insuring appropriate IAM capabilities are provided efficiently and consistently across the organization.

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User Provisioning

User provisioning is the manifestation, or underpinnings of digital identities and their effective capabilities across an environment and services landscape. Effective user provisioning capabilities also include an often neglected component of de-provisioning.

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Access Management

Access management capabilities provide real-time enforcement of application security utilizing identity-based controls and provisioned access rights. Multiple methods and associated technologies may be instrumented dependent on specific business and technical requirements unique to a customer environment.

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The focus of IAM Governance requires an understanding of people, processes and business appetite and their relationships with and to IAM program services. An effective IAM governance body structure and communication methodology insure effective development and support of IAM policies, procedures and ultimate program service capability.

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Custom Development & Integration
At IDMWORKS we value the uniqueness of each client. Supporting our client's business culture and strategy often requires complex solutions not available for purchase or easily designed and implemented effectively. Our in-depth experience analyzing, developing and delivering custom solutions elevates our clients competitive edge.
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Managed Services
Managing and operating complex environments requires an in-depth understanding of not only implemented technologies but also the multifaceted interrelationships that must function effectively in delivering technology centric services. By leveraging our managed services offerings you can rest assured your environment is UP and running.
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Remote Support
IDMWORKS remote support services deliver a cost effective solution for access to and support by highly skilled IAM professionals for our clients. Our technical support staff prides itself in insuring continuous expansion of technical knowledge across complex IAM technology solutions. Our staff maintain continuous communication with vendors and industry professionals insuring they are in step with current known or possible issues inherent to complex IAM solutions.
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Cloud & Enterprise Integration Software
IDMWORKS is a global leader in cloud and enterprise integration software. Our IdentityForge portfolio of products for identity & access management, biometric, governance and risk, monitoring, modernization projects and custom solutions allows us to provide a fully connected enterprise for both private and public entities.
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Advanced Adapter Products
The Advanced Adapter Suites, working in conjunction with the IdentityForge LDAP Virtual Gateway, provides an industry standard, enterprise LDAPv3 interface for provisioning and reconciliation and a native real-time, bi-directional identity synchronization between the target system and identity management infrastructure or external application.
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OEM & Certified Solutions
IdentityForge Advanced Adapter Suites from IDMWORKS are tightly integrated with many of the leading Identity & Access Management, Rule Management and GRC Vendor products. This provides customers with a standard, "out-of-the-box" deployment of our many Enterprise System Adapters.
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Application Managed Solutions
Executives are always looking for ways to streamline business processes and information systems to improve innovation and cost. Having a great application strategy and seamless integration is our approach toward providing companies with a competitive advantage by reducing implementation cycles and cost; thereby improving quality and controls.
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Technical Support
IDMWORKS understands your business solutions represent a significant investment in your organization's success. With this understanding we are dedicated to rapid response and first class customer care. We feel quality support is essential in order to maintain your respect as a trusted partner, now and in the future.
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