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Getting Started with OAuth2Client on iOS
Custom Solutions
In creating a proof-of-concept iOS app that uses OAuth2 to consume the Google APIs, I began with the OAuth2Client project by the folks at nxtbgthng GmbH. This project is one of oldest and most ac...
Databases, ACID Compliance, NoSQL, and More
NoSQL has been in the media for the last couple years as one of the new marketing buzzwords and you may be wondering exactly what it is, what it can do, and how it can fit into your current infrastruc...
Oracle Identity Manager Basics: Creating a Custom Adapter in OIM 11g
Identity Management
Oracle Identity Manager Basics: Creating a Custom Adapter in OIM 11g The purpose of this entry is to explain how to create a custom adapter in OIM.  The adapter will write to an external file.&n...


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There are good reasons to deliberately pack a move. Our process is automated; but even if you must plan by hand you should do it. We’ll look at how to do it. What is meant by packing for a move? It means loading the truck in a specific order so items install smoothly when unloading. Collecting items from various points in loading is better than scattered installing. Why bother? Among the reasons are: •Devices with HIPPA, PCI, or other PII  data should be under audit control. •It helps you install higher priority systems first. •It helps you separate items for multiple...
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Depending on your role within an Identity & Access Management shop, successes are defined by various proverbial champagne-popping accomplishments.  If your role is that of a Software Engineer, you and your colleagues give each other a pat on the back and an “atta-go!” on the day the major release of the product you’ve been working on is unleashed on the market. If sales is your thing, you get to flex your muscles and strut around feeling a little taller after you make that six-figure licensing sale.  You feel a sense of finality to your recent efforts, and tomorrow you’ll start something...
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Often times an IDM solution’s connector/functionality does not have the ability to fully match the disablement requirements for a client when it comes to Microsoft Exchange.  An example of this is the education industry where the requirement calls for the Active Directory account to be placed into a dummy organizational unit, yet left enabled to facilitate an influx of rehires on an annual basis, i.e. returning school staff. In cases such as this, the client requires that the AD account be moved to the disabled OU and restrict client access to the user’s mailbox.  Attributes such as disabling ActiveSync for mobile...
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I recently encountered an issue at a client that I thought might be useful to share with others.  We were implementing OAM using the F5 (v11.5.2) OAM APM module to act as the webgate in our test environment.  Our initial implementation used Open security mode to validate the connection worked.  We then progressed to Simple mode to test SSL.  This point is where we hit a wall.  We kept seeing that the F5 would not initialize because it could not contact the Access Server.  Very generic errors such as "Access Server you specified is currently down. Please check your Access...
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Posted by on in Identity Management
Have you ever found yourself needing your NetIQ IDM solution to perform a set of instructions at a specific time of day or at regular intervals? Most solutions for IDM include some timed processes like nightly checks for upcoming password or account expirations that require email notifications to account holders or managers.  The challenge most people face with these types of processes is understanding how to execute a regularly scheduled routine in the NetIQ's real-time, event triggered IDM system. Luckily NetIQ has already thought about that too and has given us more than one way to achieve this.   In this...
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Posted by on in Data Center
One often overlooked aspect of relocating your data center is the impact the move will have on your end-users and their applications. While the underlying technology is important, your clients are interacting with their applications on a daily basis. If we take a top down approach to data center migration, and start by understanding your application level and then working our way down through the interfaces to the Server/Storage and finally the network, we can uncover the true effect the move will have on your end-user clients.  With many of our customers, we find there are conflicting lists of applications and...
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Within RSA IMG (formerly Aveksa) workflows you can assign many resources to complete an approval and/or manual fulfillment activity. The following screenshot shows an example of resource assigned to an approval activity. The following screenshot shows an example of resource assigned to a manual fulfillment activity.     There is, on occasion, the need to update the resource assignments, due to some type of personnel turnover  - whether the person leaves the enterprise or transfers into another role. When this happens, you find yourself having to edit the workflow. NOTE: In RSA IMG 6.9 the notion to configure “Other…Owners” for any...
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IDMWORKS Recognized for Expertise in Selling, Deploying and Supporting Oracle Identity and Access Management Solutions August 12, 2015 – IDMWORKS today announced that it has achieved Platinum partner status in Oracle PartnerNetwork (OPN). By attaining Platinum level membership, Oracle has recognized IDMWORKS for its in-depth expertise and excellence in delivering identity and access management solutions and for uniquely addressing the challenges of joint customers. IDMWORKS has established its depth and breadth of the expertise across key Oracle solution areas, including the Oracle Identity and Access Management Suite, the Oracle Mobile Security Suite Plus, Oracle Enterprise Single Sign-On Authentication Manager, Oracle Directory...
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I ran into an issue where I couldn't determine why a certain ACI was not working as expected in Oracle Unified Directory 11gR2.  After doing some research, I stumbled onto Effective Rights Control (ERC) within OUD.  Effective Rights Control forces OUD to output the ACI that is affecting an entry's permissions.   Here is the Oracle document on Searching Using the Get Effective Rights Control (http://docs.oracle.com/cd/E29407_01/admin.111200/e22648/managing_data.htm#solTO-SEARCH-USING-THE-GET-EFFECTIVE-RIGHTS-CONTROL)   The following command will display a description of the access permissions for an entry for the categories of add, delete, read, write, and proxy.  This command doesn't get down to the individual attribute level, but...
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From time to time we run across requirements where there is some attribute that is used to hold a value that can vary greatly across the enterprise from one object to another, usually users.  Most commonly it is for things like job codes, departments, locations or various entities under a corporate umbrella. Typically in those situations we find that the requirements call for some values to be permitted through the system while others are not or that various values will need to have additional logic applied to them compared to others. Now this may not sound like a difficult requirement to...
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Problem: So maybe my pain will help someone else.  I recently encountered an issue when combining OAM, Unsolicited Login and SSL.  I had configured everything properly in a test environment so that Unsolicited Login worked properly over HTTP.  Testing verified everything worked properly.  As soon as we switched to using our HTTPS-only endpoints everything broke. This scenario should only occur if you are in an HTTPS-only environment for a reason to be described below. It turned out that somehow, despite specifying our successurl as: <input type="hidden" name="successurl" value="https://myserver.example.com/application"> OAM translated that value as http://myserver.example.com/application. As such we saw the following in...
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As an IdentityIQ implementation becomes more mature, there will inevitably be more applications connected. Depending on how the roles are set up, this will have one major consequence: provisioning the roles will take longer. The way IIQ will attempt to provision the roles, out of the box, is serially. It will run through each application being provisioned one at a time, waiting for a response from the target, before it moves on to the next operation. Oftentimes, this will be no issue as many roles will still fly through, assuming everything goes right. There are many cases though (admin roles and...
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Below are a list of Operating systems that the RSA IMG application will install on. The RSA IMG will also install on a RHEL 6U6 os version, there is only one place that you will have to modify so that the installation script will perform the install. SUSE Linux Enterprise Server 11SP3RHEL 5u8 RHEL 5u9 RHEL 5u10 RHEL 6 RHEL 6u1RHEL 6u2 RHEL 6u3 RHEL 6u4 RHEL 6u5 How to correct the version issue when installing V6.9.1 on a RedHat OS version 6.6 Description of the error: When installing aveksa version 6.9.1 on a redhat os version 6.6 I had to...
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Posted by on in Access Management
So I ran into an issue with OAM 11gR2PS2 where I needed to modify the retry limit for the authentication scheme.  Previous versions of OAM used a system level value that you could define in oam-config.xml (per https://support.oracle.com/epmos/faces/DocumentDisplay?id=1360866.1).  When I tried that for PS2, I still saw the default 5 retries.   I then stumbled onto an article talking about someone exhibiting the behavior I desired when they didn't want it (https://support.oracle.com/epmos/faces/DocumentDisplay?id=1570598.1)   As a result, in my authentication scheme, I added OverrideRetryLimit=1 into my Challenge Parameters.  Once you click apply, the value takes effect.     The benefit to this modification, and...
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NetIQ has released a beta version of their Designer for IDM tool on the Mac OS.  For years Designer has only been supported on Windows and Linux but with this release NetIQ has officially taken that last step to add Mac support.  If you have a Mac and want to use Designer on your native OS without having to use a VM or dual-boot system, you can download the BETA version at the link below: Beta Designer for Mac OS You will need to register an account to download the required files if you do not already have one. If you...
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Our previous blog about creating custom review reports within RSA IMG (formerly Aveksa) focused on leveraging certain views, namely pv_users, pv_reviews, pv_review_component, and pv_unified_entitlment. (http://www.idmworks.com/blog/entry/creating-a-custom-aveksa-review-report). A few things to consider when writing custom reports, or modifying those that are supplied by RSA: 1.     What are the questions that need answering in this report? 2.     Are the views documented in the “Public Database Schema Reference” guide sufficient to answer these questions? 3.     Will I need to further reverse engineer the RSA IMG relational database to get the level of details, or necessary information to build this report?   Let’s examine each aspect:...
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We always receive requests for custom functionality here at IdentityForge. Sometimes meeting these needs are easy, other times it requires us to change our outlook.  On occasion we get a request that we know will benefit our other customers as well, no matter what industry or space they reside in.  A recent request boiled down to some very simple improvements on our end that for some of our clients would enable huge boulders to be moved.  We have this large financial client in Asia and they came to us requesting help with a laundry list of hurdles and game stoppers. The...
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If you’ve ever attended an IAM seminar or conference you’ve heard the scary statistics about failure rates for IAM projects, which are known to be as high as 70%. A major contributing factor to this in most organizations is the state of Active Directory. Since AD is the heart of user account information and access granted via groups, it is the natural starting point for any IAM rollout. However, orphaned accounts and groups, miscategorized employees and a lack of clear ownership over groups can lead to the wrong people having the wrong access.  IDMWORKS & STEALTHbits are co-presenting the webinar Getting Ahead of...
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When encountering issues with the Courion Access Assurance Suite Office 365 Account Management Module (AMM) or the Password Management Module (PMM), typically one of the following two errors will be captured in the Ticketing table and the microsoft-office365pmm.log - The user name or password is incorrect. Verify your user name, and then type your password again.       - Unable to authenticate your credentials. Make sure that your user name is in the format: <username>@<domain>. If this issue persists, contact Support.”   These are Office 365 specific errors and the likely causes are below:   1.      The user name or...
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  A feature of Oracle Mobile Security Suite is the integration with its Secure Mobile Mail app. It works great out of the box, but most customers want to customize it.   During a recent implementation, we found ways to customize this app including new logos and a custom bundle identifier (a necessary step for signing with your own cert). Here's how you do it:   1) Unzip the ipa from Oracle: unzip bmtouchdown_c14n_3_6_1_596_15159-unsigned.ipa   2) Go into the extracted Payload directory, right click on MyTouchDown and select Show Package Contents.   3) Make your modifications (edit info.plist to change bundle id, update png image...
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