IAM Integration Software

Extend Your Existing IT Investments

IdentityForge Connectors & The IDMWORKS Non-Employee Identity Suite
Extend The Scope & ROI Of Your Existing IAM Investments

IdentityForge Connectors and the IDMWORKS Non-Employee Identity Suite integrate with all major IAM vendor solutions and a diverse range of third party applications, including the leading HR, CRM & healthcare applications.

IdentityForge Connectors automate functions that administrators usually perform manually as it functions as a trusted virtual administrator performing tasks such as creating login IDs, assigning dataset access, changing passwords, managing access rules as well as alias catalog management.

With the IDMWORKS Non-Employee Identity Suite all non-employees go through the authentication process and gain access to the data and applications they need without having to provision an account to an application or corporate directory store.

Each reduces administration costs and provides better control of access and resources.