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IdentityForge Connectors

IdentityForge Connectors Extend The ROI Of Your Existing IAM Investments

IdentityForge Connectors integrate with all major IAM vendor solutions and a diverse range of third party applications, including the leading HR, CRM & healthcare applications.

IdentityForge Connectors automate functions that administrators usually perform manually as it functions as a trusted virtual administrator performing tasks such as creating login IDs, assigning dataset access, changing passwords, managing access rules as well as alias catalog management.

  • All IdentityForge

    IdentityForge Connectors help keep your IAM integration software connector costs in check by offering standard connectors that take days, not weeks or months to deploy, and can simply be altered later to work with another vendor as your IAM objectives change.

  • IAM Vendor

    IdentityForge Connectors integrate with all of the major IAM vendors and virtually any other third-party solution that offers LDAP or SCIM connectivity, including the leading HR, healthcare and CRM systems.

  • Healthcare

    IDMWORKS offers an IdentityForge healthcare connectors for Epic and Cerner.

  • Mainframe & Midrange Connectors

    IDMWORKS’ IdentityForge mainframe and midrange connectors include AS/400, RACF, ACF2 and TOP SECRET.

  • Fault Tolerant System

    IDMWORKS’ IdentityForge fault tolerant system connectors include HP NonStop and HP OpenVMS.

  • Cloud Hosted System

    IDMWORKS’ IdentityForge cloud hosted system connectors include Salesforce, NetSuite ERP and ServiceNow.

  • Enterprise Application

    IDMWORKS’ IdentityForge enterprise application connectors include SAP ECC and Oracle ERP.

  • Enterprise Unix OS

    IDMWORKS’ IdentityForge enterprise Unix OS connectors include Solaris, IBM AIX and HP UX.

  • Enterprise LINUX OS

    IDMWORKS’ IdentityForge Linux OS connectors include CentOS, Red Hat, SUSE and Ubuntu.

  • Technical

    IDMWORKS provides technical support for each of its IdentityForge connectors. Call us at (888) 687-0436 ext. 6 or Click Here To Start A Support Ticket