Avatier Identity Management Suite (AIMS) Overview

Avatier Identity Management Suite (AIMS) Review


The installation of the Avatier Identity Management Suite (AIMS) was one of the more straight forward processes we have encountered and only took about 15 minutes to complete. The product itself installs on a Windows 2008 32/64 bit server (for version 7 and earlier) and for version 8 installs on a Windows server 2008 R2 64 bit. AIMS is GUI driven and offers a branding interface that allows the customer to modify text or any of the graphics that appear on those screens without the need for custom programming or scripting. The product offers a range of connectors as many of the vendor IdM applications do and as is to be expected, with AIMS there is no additional install of software on the end-point server for the connector to function (agentless).

There are 28 different connects currently offered OOBincluding AS/400, Linux, various Microsoft (SQL, Windows, ADAM), Novell, Oracle, PeopleSoft, SAP, Sybase and Sun. On the Access Management side, AIMS offers several web agents for the following platforms, IBM iSeries, IBM AIX, Linux, HP-UX and Sun Solaris. (See Microsoft connectors)


There are 8 core functions within the AIMS suite, Account Creator, Account Terminator, Compliance Auditor, Identity Analyzer, Identity Enforcer, Password Bouncer, Password Station and HR Feeds. These are installed as part of the base install of AIMS. Interestingly enough, all of the functions are configured through GUI windows and no scripting is involved. Another nice touch with the product is the workflow is “auto-magically” built based on your configuration unlike many other products where you have to build it through scripting.

The Identity Enforcer is the primary function of the product suite, this is where you configure Delegation, Org Charts, Reports, Security, Workflow, Approval Functionalities, etc… The product itself does have some pretty cool killer apps such as “Connect with iPad’”. The reporting is stronger than many other products we have used and somewhat easier to configure. and the HR Feeds can read from several different databases (which is a given), such as Oracle, DB2, SQL-Server and MYSQL.

The Hits:

  1. Password Station enables you to eliminate password reset calls to your internal help desk by allowing users to securely perform reset action themselves.
  2. Password Bouncer improves on your password policy by allowing users only complex passwords that are difficult to crack.
  3. Account Terminator automatically deactivates and captures account data from ex-employees as well as accounts that have been dormant and are no longer in use.
  4. Account Creator automates all aspects of user provisioning thereby achieving great cost savings in starting new employees.
  5. Identity Enforcer integrates workflow process of self-service authorization management.


The Verdict:

The maintenance and setup is where the savings are compared to other market products. A big plus is that there is virtually no coding involved for workflow as AIMS can and will handle this automatically based on your configuration settings. And a killer-diller process that sets Avatier apart from others is the ability to get live updates (the platform is the only commercial off-the-shelf Identity Management solution I know that offers an optional Live Update service for automating software updates and upgrades but your mileage may vary with the usage of that one).

Once you have gained the knowledge of where everything resides in the GUI under specific functions the product is fairly straight forward to set up and while AIMS offers a lot of the same functionality as most of the IDM products on the market, such as Workflow, Reporting, Creating/Deleting Users and Reconciliation of Users across multiple platforms, it also offers a built in Role Mining function.

All in all Avatier delivers a fluid and bang up product addition to the Identity & Access Management market place.