Axiomatics Announces Partnership with IDMWORKS

Axiomatics, the leading independent XACML authorization solution supplier, has just signed a partnership agreement with IDMWORKS, the specialist in Service Oriented Architecture and Identity Management-based solutions.

The IDMWORKS staff has extensive experience in every aspect of Identity and Access Management (IAM) for clients in the United States and Internationally. With 200+ successful projects delivered to Private and Public organizations, IDMWORKS and their staff, set the defacto standard for IAM implementations. IDMWORKS’ consultants are experts in addressing the business process issues encountered across the entire enterprise, including leading edge technologies such as XACML and SAML based authentication.

“We are thrilled to include Axiomatic’s XACML based authorization technology in our implementation service offerings. The solutions offered by Axiomatics are exactly what we are being asked for by our customers,” said Todd Rossin, Managing Partner and Co-Founder of IDMWORKS. “Our knowledge of XACML and Externalized Authorization Management (EAM) is currently benefitting many of our customers and we expect continued demand for EAM services in Cloud IAM environments.”

Successful IAM deployments rely on a combination of robust technologies and competent professional services. “This partnership enables us to offer our customers the support of IDMWORKS’ exceptional professional competencies and experience, especially in the public sector,” said Gerry Gebel, President of Axiomatics Americas. “The IDMWORKS staff has a proven track record of thought leadership and successfully delivered projects leaving us with the assurance that our customers will obtain the best possible service delivery.”

About Axiomatics

Axiomatics, located in Stockholm, Sweden, is the leading provider of fine-grained and attribute-based authorization (ABAC) solutions. The company has a global customer base within healthcare, finance, manufacturing and the public sector, among others. The Axiomatics Policy Server (APS) protects systems against unauthorized use while enabling proper sharing of information within and across enterprise borders. Axiomatics actively contributes to the development of the XACML standard and has editorial responsibilities within the OASIS Technical Committee.


IDMWORKS, established in 2004, recognized the need for IAM full lifecycle Implementation and Advisory services and developed a dedicated practice. IDMWORKS specializes in a ‘Business Transformation’- focused approach to the implementation of Service Oriented Architecture and Identity Management based solutions. They are experts in helping organizations build real-world business solutions in Identity and Access Management.