Protecting SharePoint 2007 with the new SiteMinder SharePoint Agent

Protecting Sharepoint 2007 with the new Siteminder Sharepoint Agent

The traditional method to protecting SharePoint 2007 with SiteMinder would use the SharePoint Membership Provider method and LDAP to setup protection within SharePoint.  This works fine for new installations, but if you have a legacy environment using Windows Authentication and MySites, this can throw the ownership of all the MySites into chaos.

Creating a new Membership Provider network can cause a disconnect between the MySites ownership and the users. While the Membership Provider can be pointed at the same AD environment, it now is authenticating via LDAP. SharePoint thinks these are all new users, even though they sign in with the same user ID and password. This is due to the change to an LDAP based Membership Provider. Whenever the user signs in and clicks on MySites, it goes to the right place, but then tells them the site belongs to someone else.

CA has published a new SiteMinder Agent for SharePoint. This agent incorporates into the SharePoint environment and provides seamless integration to SiteMinder via the IIS Web Agent. The key feature, where MySites is concerned, comes from the Windows Impersonation that this agent brings. Setup SiteMinder to use the same AD source as SharePoint and you can impersonate the AD user, still use Windows Authentication in SharePoint, and keep the ownership of MySites intact. If you have a large user base who use MySites, they will (silently) thank you for this.