IDMWORKS Expands Connector Offerings and Simplifies Usability with the release of IdentityForge 6.2

One of the toughest challenges to deploying IAM solutions is the need to connect disparate systems suited to the highly customized nature of each individual enterprise’s environment. With the introduction of IdentityForge 6.2, IDMWORKS continues to lead the market in delivering the broadest array of connectors allowing enterprises to quickly and easily connect securely to target systems, manage cloud and on-premise applications using web services (REST), and achieve agentless connectivity to UNIX target systems using the out-of-box LDAP connector of the Identity and Access Management (IAM) system.

IDMWORKS remains committed to providing our customers with the most advanced set of connector technology available. The latest release of IdentityForge continues that commitment with a rich set of enhancements and new capabilities with a broad range of benefits including:

  • Expanded Healthcare Connectivity
  • Customers can now automate the lifecycle of users in Electronic Medical Record (EMR) system Epic using IdentityForge Epic and HL7 connectors. The Epic connector can be used to manage Epic Employee (EMP) records, and HL7 connector can be used to manage Service Provider (SER) records

  • Reduced Help Desk Cost
  • Manage custom mainframe applications using x3270 connector to automate user provisioning and de-provisioning in custom mainframe applications using the IdentityForge x3270 connector. This new connector uses screen scraping technology using x3270 emulator

  • Faster Connection to Applications
  • Web Services (REST) Connector now enables enterprises to manage users in any cloud and on-premise application, including homegrown applications. The IdentityForge REST Connector connects to target applications using REST end points. Future IdentityForge releases will have additional target systems. Meanwhile, IDMWORKS can work with customers to provide connectivity to specific applications within 2 – 4 weeks

  • Agentless Connectivity
  • A new Generic SSH connector connects to UNIX target systems using secure shell (SSH) eliminating the need to deploy Agent on UNIX target systems. The Generic SSH Connector is certified with IBM AIX 7.2, CentOS Linux 7.5 and Oracle Solaris 11.3

  • Improved Security
  • The secure communication channel between target systems and gateway and automatic encryption of sensitive properties improves security.

  • Simplified Parsing
  • Configurable, regular expression-based parser allows custom attributes and any changes in target system output using simple configuration changes, without any code changes. The enhanced parser is easily configurable and supports regular expressions for parsing the data from target systems.

  • Use IAM System’s Out-Of-The-Box LDAP Connector
  • Customers can now use the out-of-the-box LDAP connector of the IAM system to connect to any target system using IdentityForge. IdentityForge 6.2 enables a single DN e.g. dc=racf, dc=com for reconciliation and provisioning.

  • Faster Reconciliation
  • Leverage an optional caching layer for a faster reconciliation process. When configured, any reconciliation request is served from the cache which is updated using out-of-box scheduled reconciliation utility.

  • High Availability
  • Tested and certified to support high availability, customers can deploy IdentityForge in high available mode to ensure connectivity from Identity and Access Management (IAM) system and continues to work seamlessly even if one of the IdentityForge Gateways fails.

  • Easier Installation with a New User Interface
  • We’ve simplified the UI for easier installation and ensured seamless migration to the new UI by pulling through configuration and data from previous versions.

Platform and Target System Version Updates

In addition to added features and enhancements that improve performance, increase security, and simplify usability, IDMWORKS continues its commitment to providing support for the most comprehensive array of platforms and target systems:

  • IdentityForge is now available on Windows Server 2016

Target Systems Version Support

The following new versions of target systems are added in this release.

IdentityForge Connector Target System Version
RACF Connector zOS 2.3
Salesforce Connector Salesforce API v32
IBM i Connector IBM i 7.3
SSH Connector IBM AIX 7.2, CentOS Linux 7.5, Oracle Solaris 11.3


End of Life for IdentityForge v5

IDMWORKS is announcing end of life (EOL) for IdentityForge v5. Customers using IdentityForge v5 should plan upgrading to latest version v6 by Jan 2020.

IdentityForge 5.3 is the latest minor release in IdentityForge v5. The main support for IdentityForge 5.3 will end by Jan 2019. After the end of main support, v5.3 will be in limited support mode for 12 months duration until Jan 2020. Refer to table below for details.

Release GA Date Main Support Ends Limited Support Ends
IdentityForge v6.2 Oct 2018 Oct 2021 Oct 2022
IdentityForge v6.1 Jan 2018 Jan 2021 Jan 2022
IdentityForge v6.0 Feb 2017 Feb 2020 Feb 2021
IdentityForge v5.3 Jan 2016 Jan 2019 Jan 2020
IdentityForge v5.2 Q1-2015 Q1-2018 Q1-2019
IdentityForge v5.1 Q3-2014 Q3-2017 Q3-2018
IdentityForge v5.0 Q1-2014 Q1-2017 Q1-2018

During limited support IDMWORKS will only provide critical bug fixes – we will not provide support for new version of target systems nor add features or enhancements. After the limited support period ends in January 2020, no additional bug fixes will be provided on v5.

Customers should reach out to their representative to develop a migration plan for upgrading to IdentityForge v6 to take full advantage of bug fixes, feature enhancements, and support for new versions of target systems.