Blackout Calendar Creation in NetIQ Operation Center

One of the many features of NetIQ Operations Center is the ability to create and assign an SLA to a CI or Element within the application. In order for the SLA to be valid over time, a Blackout Calendar is usually required to prevent planned outages from adversely affecting the SLA. The normal way to create a Blackout Calendar is through the UI by selecting the CI (or Element) and then selecting properties and Blackout Calendar. Once there, the user can manually enter a Blackout date and time (both a start and end date and time). This process can be very labor intensive if there are a lot of CI’s in the system.

I just recently completed the first Phase of an Operations Center implementation where Blackout Calendars are created using the built-in Automation engine within Operations Center. This was done by taking a Change Request ticket from BMC Atrium/Remedy and using the Actual Start and End dates for the change as the dates for the Blackout Calendar. Thus, when a CI gets a Closed Change request, it is checked for the dates and if they exist, a Blackout Calendar is created automatically (using the Change Request Number as the Calendar name). This method allows for the complete automation of creating a Blackout Calendar using the actual Change Request Information. This customer is (as far as I know) the first ever customer to receive this functionality. This was done using a Custom Java Automation created for this customer.