Deleting Certifications from NetIQ AGS & Sailpoint Identity IQ

Deleting Certifications from NetIQ AGS & Sailpoint Identity IQ

As ofttimes happens, we find the the need to delete a certification after it has been created in Net IQ’s AGS and/or Sailpoint’s Identity IQ. Unfortunately there is no way to delete the certification from the standard User Interface.

To delete a certification from NetIQ AGS  and/or Sailpoint Identity IQ, the Administrator needs to go to the AGS/IIQ console and follow the below steps:

  1. Navigate to /$AppServer_Home/webapps/ags(iiq)/WEB-INF/bin Based on the tool you are using, type “./ags console“ or “./iiq console“
  2. Type “list certificationgroup” and identify the certificationgroup to be removed
  3. Type “delete certificationgroup <certificationgroupname>” to remove the certificationgroup
  4. Type “list workitem” to validate all workitems for this certification have been removed.

If there are multiple certifications that needs to removed from AGS or IIQ:

  1. The administrator should create a file as shown below:
    delete certificationgroup <certficationgroupname >
delete certificationgroup <certficationgroupname >
  2. After saving the file, the administrator should type the below command from console
    source <filepath>

This should remove all the certifications specified within the file.



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