NetIQ IDM Error 9128 When Adding Or Removing A Role

We found a resolution to error 9128 in NetIQ’s Identity Manager which can appear when adding or removing a role for a user.


When attempting to add a role to a user, it failed to start the driver up with error:

Message:  Code(-9128) Error in : An invalid value ‘name’ is specified for attribute ‘arg-string’ on element ‘{3}’.


When adding a Role to a user, make sure that you specify a description under the “Specify strings field”. This is mandatory. However, any other value specified other than or in addition to “description” will cause an error when the driver starts up.

When initially launching the action for adding or removing the role, it includes additional items in the specify strings field by default. This is invalid. It should only have Description.

Screen Shot 2015-10-27 at 7.43.18 PM

Above is the screenshot from the initial issue. To fix it, we removed the “role-assignment-type from the specify strings field. Only description should be present in the string field.