NetIQ Remote Loader Side-By-Side Error on Start-up

Recently I have been seeing more and more of these “errors” after installing the NetIQ Remote Loader for Windows on various servers.  Basically, after completing the installation I try to start the remote loader and get a message box that says something to the effect of “The application has failed to start because its side-by-side configuration is incorrect.”

You may notice I called this an “error” and not an error.  This is because it is a bit of a red herring.  There is technically nothing wrong with the remote loader installation or any configuration associated with it.  There is no real error, only some system maintenance needing to be performed.

The message, if you look more deeply into it, has more to do with the Visual C++ libraries in Windows than it does the remote loader.  The installation program installs most of what you need for the remote loader to work but there are some system dependencies/requirements that have to be met and this is usually where things come into play with this situation.  Servers don’t tend to be restarted very regularly so it is possible that like with most problems with Windows based machines that all it needs is a restart.

In every situation that I have encountered this error it has been due to the server being patched but not restarted.  These server updates impacted the components needed by the remote loader but because the server required a restart before the updates could finish applying it was causing issues with the remote loader services.  After restarting the servers and letting the updates apply the remote loaders would launch without issue and work perfectly fine.

Of course, the dead giveaway was when I clicked on the power icon and it gave me the option to “Update and Restart”.  If you see this message; start there.