NetIQ IDM4 – Monitoring Using Operations Center

NetIQ IDM4 – Monitoring Using Operations Center

One of the primary uses for Operations Center is to build & display Business Service Models that represent a holistic view a customer’s Business Application(s).  It is desirable to include within a Business Model the overall “health & wellness” of IDM4 and its’ associated drivers.

The Possibilities

By using Operations Center’s ability to integrate with many different health & perfromance monitoring tools, it is possible to add NetIQ IDM4 into the mix to show such things as:

  • IDM4 Individual Driver Health
  • IDM4 Driver Unprocessed Cache
  • CPU Utilization of the IDM4 Server
  • Java Heap usage within IDM4

It is also possible to monitor various aspects like:

  • Users not assigned to any Drivers
  • Users in a ‘stuck’ state
  • Users with expired passwords
  • Disabled Users

These are only a few of the many pieces of information that make up a complete monitoring solution for IDM4 within Operations Center.

Operations Center Dashboard

By using Operations Center Dashboard, a specific view of both – overall health and health of IDM4 – can be easily created to provide upper management a complete overview of the operation and performance of their business. The Dashboard is a pure browser-based graphical interface that can be accessed from any platform without the need to install/download any ‘client’ software. The monitor solution is implemented using the Operations Center Event Adapter and a series of Java-enabled programs to access the IDM4 data.

If you would be interested in learning more about this functionality, we at IDMWorks have a working solution.


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