NetIQ Role-Based Provisioning Module Install Tips, Tricks & Gotchas: Part Deux

Last November we published a blog entry, Novell Role-Based Provisioning Module Install – Tips, Tricks and Gotchas. In the entry we described a few key points surrounding Novell’s (NetIQ’s) RBPM product , most specifically with regards to using WebSphere for web services.

So now we have a part II, if you will, additional steps to keep in mind during your RBPM installation:

  1. If the database used is new or empty, then select the “New Database” button. If the database is existing from a previous installation, select the “Existing Database” button. “Existing Database” here references if you are upgrading from RBPM 4.0 to RBPM 4.1 and so on.
  2. The ID Vault Administrator should be in the same container as the User Container
  3. Make sure the effective rights on the driver set and user are set to read and write, as when the user application is started for the first time the driver set assigns administrator rights to the user. This will modify the user and add the admin role on the user application.