Forwarding, Delegation, and Reassignment of Certifications in NetIQ AGS

Certifications are one of the major components of NetIQ’s Access Governance Suite (AGS).  Great time and work is taken before the certifications are generated to make sure each certification item is routed to the correct person.  However, there are times where certification items need to be moved to another person.  AGS offers 3 different types of moving ownership of a certification item to another user.  Each type differs slightly.  The preferred method will depend on how the certification is to be run and the business rules of the organization.  To try to avoid some confusion, here are the definitions for Forwarding, Delegation, and Reassignment in NetIQ AGS:


Forwarding a certification work item in AGS passes all of the responsibility of the work item from the original certifier to a new certifier.  Forwarding moves the entire work item and not an individual certification item.  Once the original certifier forwards the certification, the original certifier can no longer make decisions on the certification and the certification cannot be recalled.  The new certifier can reject the certification and then the ownership of the certification will revert back to original certifier.  Forwarding can be performed from the Inbox, Outbox, or the Certification tab within AGS.


Delegation and Re-assignment are very similar.  Both can be performed within a certification work item and can be enabled/disabled through certification configuration settings. Delegated items remain part of the original certification, but are assigned to a new user for completion. Once the new certifier completes the certification, the original certifier must still sign off on the decisions and has ability to override the decision. This allows the original certifier to make the final decision on the certification item.


Reassignment is similar to delegation, but it creates a new certification for the new certifier as a child certification of the original.  This leaves the final decision up to the new certifier and the certification decisions are not returned to the original certifier’s certification by default.  Reassignment can be setup to ultimately require the original certifier’s approval, but it is not a requirement.