The Novell Acquisition Conundrum

The Novell Acquisition Conundrum

With the recent purchase of Novell there has been a lot of discussion as to whether or not purchasing Novell technology is a good investment for your business.  There are legitimate concerns that an organization must take into consideration when investing in technology from a company that has just been acquired.

  • Will the technology continue to be developed and sold?
  • Who will provide support?
  • Will the quality and functionality of the product be maintained by the new organization?

As an old school Novell Identity & Access Management solutions SME I’d like provide a little perspective based on my own experience with Novell over the years.

The first thing I want to point out is this is not the first major merger Novell has been through.  In 2001 when Novell merged with Cambridge Technology Partners (CTP) there were many of the same questions.  While Novell was the company acquiring CTP it was not a typical merger as a large portion of CTP upper management was being infused into the combined company (including CTP CEO Jack Messman).  Many of the same challenges that Novell faces today were faced during that merger in terms of educating management on what the product offerings were and what the benefit to the customers that those offerings provided.  There was also the combination of sales force and education of said sales force.  Additionally there was the merging of the company cultures that is a challenge whenever any two organizations combine.  Obviously each merger is different and successfully merging once does not guarantee the same result the second time but there is experience within the organization in merging that hopefully will lead to success this time around.

But what about your organization?  Is Novell technology a good investment?  The technology produced by Novell is still a potentially good investment.  Novell produces a number of excellent technologies including SLES and ZenWorks however I’d like to stick with what IDMWORKS implements and that is the Identity Manager suite of products.  Novell IDM is a very mature product that has a multitude of implementations.  Novell technology has a large, well established community of expertise.  There are many Novell partners (such as IDMWORKS) which can implement and provide support for Novell technology.  Additionally Novell IDM solutions are largely based on industry standards such as XML, SAML, REST, and ECMAScript so we can train internal staff to self-support your Novell solution.

While a merger always puts a question mark over a company there is a good history at Novell with best-in-class technology offerings that has wide support in the industry.

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