Tips & Tricks: Novell IDM JDBC Driver Filter Gotcha

Tips & Tricks: Novell IDM JDBC Driver Filter Gotcha

Have you ever had a JDBC driver that wouldn’t find changes in the database while using a triggerless Publisher channel?

The obvious things to check are the views/tables in the database the driver monitors to make sure the changes appear there correctly. Ideally you will check the class objects and attributes in the driver filter to make sure they are sent to Synchronize for the Publisher channel. Additionally you should check to make sure the Publisher channel is enabled and configured properly in the driver settings.

Unfortunately once you have checked these items you still may have the issue.

Having run into this issue a few times I’d recommend taking another look at the Driver Filter.

Basically what happens in a JDBC driver with a triggerless connection to a database is that it polls the database tables or views configured in the driver settings at the scheduled intervals by doing a “SELECT *” command for each table or view tracked. If a class in the filter has the “Track member of template” set to “No” the driver does not do the SELECT statement for the table or view associated with that class.  Thus, in the filter, the class object setting for “Track member of template” should be set to “Yes” if you want those objects monitored in the Publisher channel.

Another way this issue can be found is by reviewing the driver logs. Each time the driver checks for changes in the database the SELECT statements are recorded (provided that the logging is turned on and set to an appropriate level). If no SELECT statement is found for a table/view that is expected then the template setting is the  likely cause.

And since this is a filter setting the fix is easy:

  1.  Open the driver filter in Designer
  2.  Select the desired class in the filter
  3.  Set the “Track member of template” setting to “Yes”
  4.  Save the filter changes
  5.  Deploy the filter changes to eDirectory
  6.  Restart the driver to initialize the changes


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