Novell’s future, (not as) confusing at best rewind

A few weeks ago, I wrote about Novell and the possibility of an acquisition, well today that “theory” has been validated. On 11/22/2010 Attachmate announced that they had come to a definitive agreement with Novell’s board and shareholder for the purchase of the company.

Attachmate, not having the same footprint in the IAM space as Novell, has decided to let Novell operate as Novell (smart move) but the strategy isn’t very clear, or is it?

Let’s analyze it, what does Attachmate bring to the relationship besides having enough cash to purchase Novell? Do they have the requisite experience in:

    • Selling enterprise Software – check


    • Maintaining their existing customer base – check


    • Up-selling the existing customer base – check


    • Identity Management / Security – nope. The closest they come to security is Systems Management, Configuration Management & SIEM software.  All of which Novell brings to the table.


What this tells us is that Attachmate is going to further their  brand loyalty by selling Novell and attaching all of the great things that they have learned selling mainframe software.

Who would their potential customers be? Well, why not just look at Attachmate’s rolodex, I can’t think of a single Fortune 1000 client that doesn’t use their products, can you?

And for those nagging questions I had about the status of Novell’s SUSE UNIX?  Apparently it isn’t going anywhere.

And for those nagging questions I had about the status of VMWare getting a hold of Novell?  Well Microsoft put an end to that as well.

I think they can officially call it a dog-fight. Oracle and the likes, get ready for some serious competition from Attachmate.