Quick Tip: OIM Challenge Question Limitations

Oracle Identity Manager (OIM) – Challenge Question Limitation

Recently, working on a Challenge Question issue in OIM the customer defined a specific question of which was 64 characters (total length) and when users attempted to use the question an error message was displayed. Due to this information being stored within a database table, there is a limit for the character length of the question(s) and answer(s). Unfortunately, this information is not well documented by Oracle within the readily available documentation.

Investigating the OIM Table Schema

At a glance, one might think you can use up to 100 and 256 characters for questions and answers (respectively); however, this is NOT the case.

Since the values of the questions and answers are encrypted the resulting character strings exceed the length of the original data.

Maximum Character Length Discovered

In the end, we found OIMs max length for both – Challenge Questions & Answers:

  • Challenge Questions cannot exceed 58 characters
  • Challenge Question Answers are limited to 150 characters



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