OIM Design Console on RHEL

I was trying to get the design console installed on my Virtual Machines and was annoyed about having to have Windows and Linux running at the same time (My base operating system is Leopard). This took a little while to figure out (minutes, not hours) and is by no way magical – just took a little determination.. Here are the steps to run the OIMDC on RHEL:

  1.  Add the classpath variable (see attached .bash_profile)
  2.  Zip up the xlclient directory from a windows installation and extract into a target dir on Unix
  3.  Create a symbolic link from Config to config (yes- case senstitive)
  4.  Create a shell script (see attached xlclient.sh)
  5.  Modify the xlconfig.xml file in the config directory (URL 2x)Enjoy!