Oracle Access Manager/E-Business Suite Integration: Unlocking the Door You Just Locked

Oracle Access Manager/E-Business Suite Integration: Unlocking the Door You Just Locked

Like most, if not all, integrations of Oracle Access Manager and Oracle Enterprise Business Suite involve multiple systems. Each is installed and configured in isolation and then further configured and integrated into the whole.  Along the way care is taken to insure that each step is done correctly and testing is complete.  And just like every project there comes a point when the last ‘switch’ has to be thrown to turn in it all on.  Engineers double check their configurations, architects validate their designs, project managers take vacation (*chuckle*), and every one holds their breath as the last changes are committed.   The collective sigh (or groan) tells everyone in the office whether or not the team will be enjoying the weekend.

For Oracle Access Manager (OAM)/Oracle E-Business Suite (EBS) integrations the agony of defeat can be especially painful because the last step in the integration is to set a series EBS Profile parameters to make OAM the authentication mechanism. You are, for all intents and purposes, changing the locks and hoping the key you just made works. And if it doesn’t, you’ve just locked yourself out. At least, you’ve locked yourself out of the front door. Here’s how to get back in through the back door.

The parameters that you just set have to be stored somewhere and in this case they are stored in the EBS database. By connecting to the EBS database directly and running the following query, you can find the values that you just set:

select b.profile_option_id,b.profile_option_name, a.profile_option_value, a.last_update_date
from apps.fnd_profile_option_values a, apps.fnd_profile_options b
where a.profile_option_id = b.profile_option_id
order by a.last_update_date desc

This will allow you to at least see the values that are there. If you need to change them, just keep in mind that only the apps.fnd_profile_option_values table has to be updated. Something along the lines of:

Update apps.fnd_profile_option_values
Set profile_option_value = ‘This is correct’
where profile_option_value = ‘What was I thinking?’

After that, just hold your breath and press ‘Commit‘.


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