Moving Attributes between OIM and ORM

As you can tell I’m working on an OIM-ORM integration, but who isn’t right?

Okay so my mission is to have attributes flow from OIM to ORM.. this should be fairly easy right? Well, it’s not working, and if you were to look at the posts on, I’ve found that there are a lot of people have the same challenges.

Here’s what I have tried to do (with the attribute UserID):

  1.  Update the file “bizlogic.oim_integration.xml” file with the attributes that you would like to push from OIM to ORM. Add the following entries:
    * personuserID
    * [in the CDATA section]
  2.  Modify the filename oim_integration.xml in the oracle.iam.rm.event.incoming directory as follows:
    * Users.User IDuserIDjava.lang.String>NULL_IF_NULL>

The attribute specified in “source-name” should come from OIM (use this website to figure out what the correct source-name should be:

Last two steps are to create a DAR file, deploy this to your app server and test away…

Good luck!