What now? Human Task / Approval Notifications Do Not Send in OIM 11.1.2

After creating an approval policy for an Application Instance in OIM 11gR2 (11.1.2) using the default RequesterManagerApproval workflow for provisioning, the approval task e-mail notification was not sent.


Changing OIM logging to trace:32 revealed the following error:


[MRdbmsImpl] [APP: usermessagingserver] [SRC_METHOD: getUserProfile] Unable to access the user profile from the identity store for xelsysadm[[ oracle.security.idm.ObjectNotFoundException: No User found matching the criteria. 


Eventually, we discovered an unpublished bug (14776061) that was causing the issue. The User Messaging Server was using the default JPS context, but it actually needed to use the new OIM context created during the installation of OIM 11g R2.  


We applied patch 14776061 and found a new JpsContextName configuration parameter accessible through the System MBean browser in Enterprise Manager (com.oracle.sdp.messaging  Server: soa_server1  Application: usermessagingserver  SDPMessagingServerConfig  ServerConfig  JpsContextName)


After updating this value to oim, approval notifications were sent successfully.


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