Registry Hacking to Remove Unneeded Oracle Services

Registry Hacking to Remove Unneeded Oracle Services

Something we haven’t seen blogged about much is uninstalling services.   This is not something I would recommend for just any service you don’t like.  It’s important to take into consideration the application that installed the service and, when possible use the native application uninstaller.  However when you are dealing with an Oracle application, for example, that doesn’t really have an uninstaller and only rarely installs services, it’s  a good idea to know how to hack your way to removing the offending applet that is no longer in use (and we “hacking” in the nicest possible way).

To make this relevant to the Oracle IAM stack, this process is supported for uninstalling the OIM AD password synch agent and uninstalling the OID application service.

On the “unsupported” side, this would be considered a registry hack.

Open the registry on your windows machine (search or run regedit.exe on almost all windows machines)


In the left pane (the tree navigator) go to the following key:

  • HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINESYSTEMCurrentControlSetservices
  • Find the key with the name of the service you wish to uninstall
  • For Oracle it is often clearly named (‘oracle application service’ or some such)
  • Right click on the key(still in the left pane) and click on “delete”
  • You will be asked to confirm, just click “yes”.


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