Resolving an “Export Failed Error in OIM Deployment Manager

Resolving an “Export Failed” Error in OIM Deployment Manager

The Problem

Recently I experienced a strange issue when using the OIM 11g Deployment Manager export feature. After selecting the artifacts to export and specifying a file name and location for the XML file, an unfortunately timed “Export Failed“ dialog box appears. Usually the first place you look when this happens is the OIM logs on the server to figure out what’s wrong.  On this occasion, everything looked normal in the logs and there were no error messages or any signs of trouble.

It turns out the problem was locally on the machine I was using not the server.  I checked the JRE console locally and noticed “ access denied” errors.

Conveniently enough Oracle has a documented solution for this problem:

The Solution

Modify the java.policy in JRE_HOME/lib/security and replace it with the following:
grant{ permission; };

Save the file, then close your browser and try again. Deployment Manager should work like a charm!



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