Advance Time to Test out Reminder/Escalation workflow within Sailpoint IdentiyIQ

One of the most important parts of a SailPoint deployment is testing. A thorough test plan for access certification includes checking that emails, work items, reminders, and escalations are sent correctly according to the defined schedule. One major challenge when testing certifications is confirming that reminders and escalations are sent out correctly without having to wait days to see the results. 

There are some workarounds. You can change the system time and trigger the task to send reminders and process escalations.However, changing the system time may have other dependencies and may not always be easy depending on how the operating system is configured.

The best approach I’ve come across is to use the time machine feature within Identity IQ.  This feature is not turned on by default, but can be enabled to manipulate the internal clock for SailPoint and test the remediation/escalation workflow.

Since the feature is disabled by default within IdentityIQ, it must be enabled by adding the entry below into the System Configuration object.

<entry key=”timeMachineEnabled” value=”true”/>

Once you enable this feature in IdentityIQ, navigate here . This page, like the debug page, is hidden within IdentityIQ.

Now you can specify the number of days/hours/minutes that you want to move ahead and then click on advance time. IdentityIQ will use the new time and will trigger the reminder/escalation workflow. You now have the power to fully test the reminder and escalation settings without having to manipulate the underlying system.

Once you’ve completed testing reminder/escalation workflow, you can click on reset button that will revert back to the real actual time/day.

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