QuickLink Populations in IIQ

Creating a custom QuickLink population to add to iiq’s out-of-the-box menu is fairly straightforward. Completing the following 3 steps to will help successfully setup a quicklink population.

Step 1

Modify the System Configuration object to add a seperate category under menu and in quicklink Population.

  • search for the entry key quickLinkCategories
  • Then add the line below as one of the list values.
<QuickLinkCategory cssClass="quickLinkCategoryCustom" messageKey="Self Service" name="Self Service" ordering="4"/>

NOTE that the ordering matters as it determines the position your custom menu will be placed.

Step 2

Next we create a QuickLink object. This object will go in the category it is defined in. below is an example of a QuickLink object.

<?xml version='1.0' encoding='UTF-8'?>
<!DOCTYPE QuickLink PUBLIC "sailpoint.dtd" "sailpoint.dtd">
<QuickLink action="workflow" category="Self Service" messageKey="MMM Re-Assign" name="MMM Re-Assign Quicklink">
      <entry key="workflowName" value="MMM Re-Assign WF"/>
      <entry key="workflowSuccess" value="Re-Assign Launch Success"/>

The action tag specifies the action to be performed when the link is invoked while the category specifies which category in the menu the link will go under.

NOTE that messageKey refers to the name the quicklink in iiq. It is the name the user will see and it may be different from the QuickLink Name.

Step 3

Finally in Global Settings —> QuickLink Populations. Under QuickLink Populations you will see the category that was entered in the System Configuration.

-Select the Category —> QuickLink.

Find the quickLink and enable it by clicking on the radio button to its right, then select an option for running it for self or others.

NOTE also that you may have to log out and log back in to see any changes made with quicklinks. This behavior is common to iiq 7.0.