How To Resolve QuickLinks Getting Corrupted (not shown selected) When Using SSD Deployment In SailPoint IIQ

When we use SSD deployment we have seen that Quicklinks in SailPoint IIQ gets corrupted, meaning if you go to Global Settings –> Quicklink Populations and Select any of the Quicklink (e.g Everyone) and Click on “Quicklinks” tab, you will see that none of them are selected. This is the case with other Quicklinks as well.

Also, if you click on any of the Quicklink options to enable it and then hit Save you will get an error and you would not be able to correct the QuickLinks from the User Interface.

This is the environment where we found issue: IIQ 7.2p2, SSD v6 ( though it may occur in other environments as well)

Here’s how to fix this issue, identify the root cause, and then fix the root cause so that it does not reappear.

Root Cause:

The QuickLinkOptions with old references are getting imported as part of SSD deployments.

Temporary Fix:

  • Export all quicklinks from your environment. (Note: it may be from the environment from where the issue is.)
  • Now go to IIQ Console using command prompt and once you are on the console type following command:delete QuickLinkOptions
    (Note: We are not deleting Quicklinks instead QuickLinkOptions. Import all Quicklinks into IIQ (from IIQ Console or from Import File option on UI)
  • This would temporarily resolve the issue. If you go to Quicklinks populations then you would notice that appropriate options are now ticked.
  • If you are logged in as user then you have to re-login to get the actual quicklinks to show up for you because the quicklinks are built when a user logs in.(Note: This issue would reappear if you deploy the IdentityIQ war file again built using SSD.)
  • Permanent Fix:

      • Go to your SSD build folder
      • Look for folder named “config”
      • Under the config folder, look for “QuickLinkOptions” folder and delete it.
      • Run the clean build of SSD.
      • This would remove the reference of “config/QuickLinkOptions” from “sp.init-custom.xml” file.
      • Redeploy the war file
      • You would not see the issue again.