Attestation & Certification

Identity Attestation & Certification Tools Resolve Rubber Stamping Of Access Rights

IDMWORKS understands that the risk mitigation benefits of access certification are only as good as how careful the approvers are in examining access rights.

Access certification efforts often suffer from the rubber stamp syndrome that occurs when a manager or approver bulk-approves all access rights presented in a review by selecting “all” and clicking “approve.” One common reason for rubber stamps is when approvers get constantly swamped with too many access certification requests.

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Attestation & Certification

Rubber stamp syndrome can be resolved by using an automated access certification tool.

These tools can automate the discovery of new roles (through pattern-based analysis), identify risks and anomalies (by highlighting excessive or unnecessary privileges), enforce centralized policies (such as segregation of duties), and the application of access entitlement review workflows, audit, tracking and reporting.