Audit Compliance

IAM Audit & Compliance Provides Transparency & Accountability

Audit and compliance components delivered as part of a comprehensive IAM implementation ensure transparency across an organization while supporting regulatory requirements such as FISMA, GLBA, HIPAA, SOX, GDPR, and PCI Compliance.

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Audit & Compliance

IDMWORKS guides you in developing a robust audit and compliance program as a key component to any identity and access management strategy.

Audit & Compliance Offerings

IDMWORKS can fulfill your audit & compliance challenges through:

1. The correlation of information and events to identify if there are unidentified or unauthorized attempts access to your organization’s managed applications, databases and services.

2. The historical tracking records of who has access to what and when, and how and why the access was requested and granted.

3. The privileged account management and access history around Administrator, System and Service accounts for your organization’s applications, databases and services.

4. IAM Governance for security changes, requests for change, and the authorization of those changes.