Automatic Delegation for Certification using Core Compliance Portal

This is a custom solution that will auto-delegate a review once a Certification round is activated using the Core Compliance product. Reviewers do not need to manually login to the Certification portal each time a review cycle is initiated in order to assign a delegate for their review.

This solution caters to executive management who have a designated delegate who performs some of their routine tasks. Delegating helps the whole review process move along quickly without delays.

For compliance audit, there should be documentation and sign-offs of all the approved delegates for Managers or Reviewers who will be profiled for auto-delegation

Supported AAS version
This solution is tested and adapted for AAS 8.4

Solution Components
A reference table (Reference_Table_Certification_AutoDelegation)
Holding the names and employeeID of Reviewer and assigned delegate (Table will be manually managed by Compliance Administrator)

A custom stored procedure (Certification_AutoDelegation)
Will perform a lookup of the reference table above in order to create the auto-delegation setting

Standard stored procedure (sp_ActivateReviewCycle)
Will be modified to process the auto-delegation task by executing the stored procedure “Certification_AutoDelegation”  just before the “Commit Transaction” statement.

A custom function (GetProfileUIDByEmployeeNo)
Function retrieves the ProfileUID of both delegate and delegator using their employeeID.

Database Schema


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