Access governance

Data Access Governance

Find and protect unstructured and sensitive data with data access governance

Secure Unsecured Data with Data Access Governance

IDMWORKS can help you meet regulatory requirements, provide proof of compliance for audits, improve staff productivity, and reduce time spent on data administration tasks, including diagnostics and forensics.

If you have data that no one owns and no one is managing, it is dangerous. If no one knows the data exists, no one will notice if it is stolen or compromised. 

IDMWORKS can help your business find and fix weaknesses in how you manage your data to minimize the risk of data breaches.

Quickly Determine Who Has Access to High-Value Data

  • Sensitive and confidential information on the network needs to be protected. The first step is deciding which users will have access permissions.

Identify All Folders That Specific Users Can Access

  • A Permissions by Identity report can find all of the locations on the network that a specific user can access. This can help identify the culprit if an internal security breach takes place.

Compare Permissions Between Two Time Frames

  • Compare permissions from two audits to see the differences. Next, determine what needs to be addressed to pass a compliance audit.
Focus on growing your business while we focus on protecting it

Improve Data Access Governance with MIDaaS

You know how dangerous it is to not have full control over the data your company stores. Finding the time, personnel, and resources to dedicate to data governance can be a challenge.

Complex digital identity management solutions


IDMWORKS offers Managed Identity-as-a-Service. Basically, it is like you have a monthly subscription to our services. You pay a set fee at the same time every month. We consistently monitor your data governance and all of the other complex digital identity management solutions needed to protect your organization.

We take care of the hosting, we make sure that features like single sign-on work, and we make sure that your company meets regulatory compliance and offers your customers transparency in data practices.

IAM can be complex. Our Managed Identity-as-a-Service makes the complex simple.


Data access governance can help your organization:

  • Reduce the chances of data breaches and insider theft by analyzing how your data is stored and address weaknesses.
  • Comply with data regulations using proven workflows that include remediation techniques and reporting.
  • Ensure that users can only access the information they need to do their job.
  • Make data access governance work with the applications and systems you already have.
  • Control spending thanks to the predictable pricing of IDaaS offered by IDMWORKS.
  • Enjoy peace and tranquility because our service is built on years of successfully solving digital identity challenges.
We understand the digital identity management landscape inside and out

Why Trust Your Data Access Governance to Managed Service Providers


Data Access Governance is a powerful tool

IDMWORKS is the managed service provider of choice for Fortune 500 companies. Our industry-leading technicians will learn everything there is to learn about your business. We will create an IAM solution crafted to meet the unique requirements of your business.

Whether you need hosted managed services, managed support, or CIAM that works, we have the tools and the know-how to get the job done. Our solutions are cost-effective, secure, flexible, and scalable.

As managed service providers, we become part of your IT team. This allows you to stop wasting time and resources fiddling around with identity programs. We take care of it, which frees you up to focus on running and growing your business.

Customer Identity and Access Management improves the user experience

Data Access Governance and CIAM Are a Potent Combination

CIAM is the first thing your customers experience when they interact with your website or application. If that first experience is not seamless or secure, customers are going to think twice about trusting you with their money or their business.


Protect Your Client’s Data with Customer Identity and Access Management

Successful CIAM makes it easy for customers to buy your products and services. It makes your customers feel secure while entrusting you with their financial and personal data. 

When done correctly, CIAM solutions will store the data you need to prove to your customers and regulators that you are handling customer data safely and in a way that complies with regulatory requirements.

CIAM improves the user experience. It increases privacy and safety.

  • IDMWORKS can show you how to properly implement a CIAM solution and improve customer acquisition and retention today.

Take Control of Privileged Accounts with PAM

Access governance is all about structuring data and controlling who gets access to it. Privileged accounts have access to the most sensitive information your company possesses.


Privileged access management

IDMWORKS can help you create a PAM solution that automates the discovery process of privileged accounts across your systems, devices, and applications. You have complete control over who gets privileged accounts, when they are revoked, and how they are used.

Our PAM solutions record password requests and transactions throughout your entire system. We help you maintain compliance by using reports on assets, privilege, and vulnerability.

  • Talk to us today about how a well implemented PAM solution can help mitigate cyber attacks and expedite recovery when these attacks happen.