Identity and Access Management Risk Assessment

IAM Assessment and Roadmap

Improve identity and access management risk assessment

Improve IAM and security with an IAM Assessment and Roadmap

Can you imagine trying to build a skyscraper without a blueprint or traveling to a specific cross-country destination without a roadmap? You have a general idea of where you want to go or what you want to do. However, without clear direction, you will either miss the mark entirely or waste so much time and energy learning from your mistakes.

IDMWORKS’ assessment and roadmap create a blueprint that lays out practical mile markers and a structured approach to managing identities and their access to systems and data. We help you give the right people the right access to the right resources for the right reasons at the right time.

Future Focused

  • Provides you with a vision of what is possible for your company as you layout your IAM plan.


  • See your organization as a whole to identify opportunities to improve organizational functions with IAM. Find key pain points and ways to fix them.

Long-Term Perspective

  • Define a long-term vision for your IAM program. Allocate resources, both financial and staff, to achieve the business objectives you have identified.
Managed Identity-as-a-Service gives you peace of mind because you are working with professionals

MIDaaS Is Key in Mapping Out Your Digital Identity Trail

 IDMWORKS is familiar with all the leading digital identity management technologies. We will become familiar with your business. 

IAM solution from point A to point B


For any trip to be successful, you need to know where you are starting, where you will end up, and what to expect along the way. Managed Identity-as-a-Service gives you the peace of mind that comes from working with professionals who understand how to take your identity and access management solutions from point A to point B.

You don’t have to bounce around from one identity solution to another while trying to guess whether it is the right fit for your organization. IDMWORKS does the work for you. We are familiar with all the leading digital identity management technologies. We will become familiar with your business. 

IAM can be complex. Our Managed Identity-as-a-Service makes the complex simple.


Our managed services will let you:

  • Focus on growing your business. We use proven IDaaS backed by trustworthy hosting and managing.
  • Reduce costs while benefiting from quick connect functionality, including Single Sign-On for all platforms.
  • Avoid regulatory fines and fees by meeting regulatory compliance.
  • Give users power over their data with features like Self-Service Account Management and more.
  • Control spending thanks to the predictable pricing of IDaaS offered by IDMWORKS.
  • Enjoy peace and tranquility because our service is built on years of successfully solving digital identity challenges.
Create the ideal future state architecture for your organization

Make IAM Risk Assessment Easy by Working with the Identity MSP of Choice for Fortune 500 Companies


IAM Assessment and Roadmap are powerful tools

For more than a decade and with over 2,200 successful projects, IDMWORKS has created a Gartner-recognized approach to assessing an organization’s current IAM program and creating a roadmap for success.

Our blueprint includes core identity and access management component processes. We want to help you make your business more efficient and secure by mapping out a delivery process for security services now and in the future.

We will create an ideal future state architecture for your organization. Our roadmap will show you the ultimate destination and incremental mile markers you can use to see progress as you move forward.

Any successful roadmap includes your customers

An Identity and Access Management Risk Assessment and CIAM Are a Potent Combination

When the CIAM technology works, your customers enjoy using your website or application. When it doesn’t work, customers go somewhere else.


CIAM solutions will give you the competitive edge

Without your customers or clients, your business fails. CIAM is key to showing your customers how much you care about them.

When customers log into your site, they expect seamless, swift, and real-time identification. They want to be able to use social sign-on, like Facebook or Google.

The last thing you want to do is make a customer remember a complicated password when they are excited to buy a product from you. Once they go through the entire process of recovering their password, they will probably not be as excited about purchasing from you.


  • IDMWORK's CIAM solutions will give you the competitive edge. It will help you hold onto the customers you have and bring new customers into the fold.

Protect and Manage Your Most Valuable Assets with PAM

Privileged access management is designed to protect accounts that have access to the most sensitive information your organization has. 


Privileged access management

IDMWORKS can help you make sure you know exactly when, why, and how your privileged accounts are being accessed and used. You have complete control over your privileged accounts and credentials. It will ensure that you are complying with government regulations.

If you have any doubt that your privileged accounts are being mismanaged, PAM solutions let you quickly audit recently used accounts, identify any passwords that have been changed, and enhance operational performance and visibility. This way, you can quickly identify and recover from cyber-attacks if and when they occur.

  • IDMWORKS can help you secure your business with confidence, knowing that you are getting the most out of our PAM solutions.