The power behind identity intelligence

Identity Intelligence and Analytics

You can give access to users or to groups based on their roles or attributes

Access control lets you determine who accesses applications and data

IDMWORKS can implement solutions for your organization, making it easier to gather, manage, and report critical identity and access information. We help you get insight into who is accessing your resources, what resources they are accessing, and why.

Identity intelligence and analytics help your IAM solution keep pace with a changing world. Cybercriminals and cyber threats are anything but static. Nefarious individuals are constantly evaluating and learning about your identity and access management infrastructure. They are looking for weaknesses that they can exploit.

Detecting Excessive Permissions

  • It’s dangerous to have default user profiles. For example, if all of your managers have the same access permissions, a crisis can happen if managers are not careful with their passwords. Identity intelligence helps determine the appropriate level of authorization required for a user’s task.

Monitoring Privileged and Service Account Usage

  • Your system has privileged accounts that are used by administrative users or by operating system processes. These accounts are targets for attack because they provide a high level of access. Identity analytics and intelligence monitor and alerts unusual behavior, letting you take swift action.

Detecting Separation of Duties Usage Anomalies

  • Privilege escalation and credential compromise are detected by monitoring identity usage. That usage is then correlated with security contacts. Behavioral analytics enables IAM solutions to predict and block attacks.
MIDaaS makes adjusting your IAM solutions seamless.

Enjoy the Flexibility of IAM Delivered As a Service

Analytics and intelligence help you make sure that your business is keeping pace with internal and external changes.

Your business is unique


With Managed Identity-as-a-Service, you are paying a set and predictable fee for IAM functionality instead of purchasing the solution outright. It is like renting a car as opposed to buying a car.

When you rent a car, you don’t worry about maintenance or upkeep. You just put the key in the ignition and your foot on the gas, and head to your destination. This is similar to our Managed Identity-as-a-Service.

We provide our customers with ready-to-use MIDaaS solutions. You don’t even have to think about hosting or managing them.

IAM can be complex. Our Managed Identity-as-a-Service makes the complex simple.


Our managed services will let you:

  • Enjoy a cost-effective and predictably priced MIDaaS service
  • Feel confident knowing that what we offer works because we have years of successfully solving digital identity challenges behind us.
  • Avoid regulatory fines and fees by meeting regulatory compliance.
  • Give users power over their data with features like Self-Service Account Management and more.
  • Let your developers spend their time and resources on what they enjoy and what you need them to do to improve your core business
  • Enjoy a good and safe experience for you, your employees, and your customers.
We offer a flexible and scalable solution that works on-premise and in the cloud.

Our services are cost-effective. You only pay for what you need.


Identity Intelligence and Analytics is a powerful tool

IAM or IGA tools that were perfect one year, six months, or three months ago may no longer provide sufficient protection.

Your organization is also constantly changing. How many of the people who you have working for you today were with you last year? How many new individuals will your organization have six months from now?

IDMWORKS uses identity analytics and intelligence to see your IAM program with fresh eyes multiple times throughout the year. The goal is to make sure that it still reflects the way your business operates and provides sufficient security. If it doesn’t, then swift changes are made to keep security and compliance in check.

Brand loyalty does not happen by accident. CIAM can help attract and retain loyal customers.

Identity Intelligence and CIAM Are a Potent Combination

Intelligence and analytics are at the heart of providing your customers what they need when they need it.


Enhance your customer's experience with CIAM

CIAM is a powerful tool that can enhance your customers’ experience, making them feel secure and happy as they navigate your site. Your customers may not know what CIAM is. However, if they have logged into a mobile game, a website, or an application with their social media sign-on or their Google sign-on, they have used it.


When a CIAM system doesn’t work or is not properly implemented, it is frustrating. However, when it works smoothly, your customers can acquire your products or services when they want to and without sacrificing security.

  • IDMWORKS builds customized CIAM programs for businesses. We help you ensure that your customers are satisfied, trust you, feel safe, and their experience on your site is seamless.
“Keep your enemies close, but your friends closer.”

Combine PAM with Identity Intelligence to Protect Your Most Valuable Assets

Privileged users have network access that lets them make system modifications and then cover their tracks. Cybercriminals prize this type of access.


Limit Access to Privileged Accounts

We have all heard the saying, “Keep your enemies close, but your friends closer.” This is because the people that you trust the most are the ones who can intentionally or accidentally hurt you the worst.

It is the same with privileged accounts. Privileged users have access to network devices, applications, operating systems, and data. Their unrestricted access allows them to modify the system and cover-up modifications. This is precisely the type of access cybercriminals want.

IDMWORKS can help you take control of privileged access. We make sure you know exactly who is accessing your privileged accounts, why they are accessing them, and how they are being used. PAM solutions make it easy for you to audit recently used accounts and identify any password changes. Our goal is to mitigate cyber-attacks. If an attack happens, we help you minimize the damage the attack causes.

  • IDMWORKS can help you secure your business with confidence, knowing that you are getting the most out of our PAM solutions.