Audit attestation and assurance services

Attestation and Certification

Audit attestation and assurance services streamline the validating process and help you maintain security

Make Rubber Stamping of Certificates a Thing of the Past with Attestation and Certification

Validating access rights within systems is a must for compliance and security. However, the task can be daunting if your organization has a dispersed workforce, system resources, and partners and is coupled with a centralized identity directory.

Manual validating of access rights sounds good on paper. However, if the validator is overwhelmed with approval requests, what are they going to do? Select “All,” and click “Approve.” 

IDMWORKS wants to show you how certification is a critical process for organizations that are concerned about accountability.

Attestation Scope

  • This is based on User Entitlement Attestation or Resource Entitlement Attestation. It defines the algorithm by which the target user entitlements of the attestation process will be calculated.

Process Administrators

  • This defines groups of users who have administrative privileges over the process definition. It maps a normal delegated administrator model.

Process Owner

  • A group of users who monitor activities related to a process. They are notified of any issues that occur when the process executes and have the ability to execute processes.
It can be devastating to not have the protection your organization requires.

MIDaaS, Attestation, and Certification Make a Powerful Team

Managed Identity-as-a-Service is like insurance. Too much or the wrong type and you are wasting money on something you will never use. Too little or the wrong kind and you can find yourself vulnerable when you need protection the most.

Your organization has unique IAM requirements


IDMWORKS offers Managed Identity-as-a-Service that can help you stand out from the competition. We provide the right mix of superior protection and a seamless user experience. We protect your business, your customers, and your reputation.

IAM can be complex. Our Managed Identity-as-a-Service makes the complex simple.


Audit attestation and assurance services allow your organization to answer key questions, like:

    • When was access granted?
    • Who has what access?
    • Who approved access privileges?
    • Does access align with policy?
We manage and design unique identity programs that work

Get Your Attestation and Certification Questions Answered with MSP


Attestation and Certification are powerful tools

IDMWORKS offers managed identity programs backed by industry-leading professionals. Fortune 500 companies trust us to manage their identity programs, and so can you.

We understand the complexity of digital identity management. Your business is unique, so we create a tailored solution to comfortably fit your requirements and business objectives. Our solutions are flexible, scalable, cost-effective, optimized for your business, and most importantly provide you the security you deserve.

CIAM makes it easy for your customers to buy your products and services

CIAM Mixed with Audit Attestation and Assurance Services Make a Potent Combination

When CIAM technology works correctly, it makes your customers feel safe and guarantees that you are working within regulatory requirements.


Attestation and Certification Are Behind the Scenes While CIAM Is What Your Customers See

If you asked 100 of your customers what CIAM is, most of them would probably tell you it is a shade of blue. However, if you asked them what makes them navigate away from a website or an application, they will probably list things like difficulty logging in, feeling that their password is not secure, and frustration because they can’t log in using social identifiers.

All of this is CIAM. Your customers don’t know what it is. However, they know what it feels like when it works right and when it fails.

  • IDMWORKS can help make it easy and safe for your customers to buy your products and will guarantees that you are working within regulatory requirements.

Attestation and Certification with PAM Keep Your Secrets Safe

Imagine a building that has different keys for each door. If you can pick the front lock, you get as far as the lobby and no further. Now, imagine a burglar with a master key. It doesn’t matter how many locks you put up or how state-of-the-art they are. The thief has free rein to do as they please.


Privileged access management

Privileged accounts are like that master key. Therefore, cybercriminals will do anything to get access to them. If you can aggressively protect privileged credentials, you can drastically minimize the risk of a data breach and the accompanying loss of reputation, regulatory fees, and embarrassment.

  • IDMWORKS wants to help you secure your business by helping you get the most out of your PAM solutions.