Author: Natanial Woolls

Thanks to all that attended “Enabling Digital Access for Patients and Providers – Securely & Simply”

We had the pleasure of sitting down for an in-depth executive roundtable this morning with over a dozen leading healthcare information and security executives. While the topics were wide-ranging, the consensus was that identity security is critical, particularly in the face of increased digital engagement with patients and between healthcare staff. We look forward to
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Entity Framework Migrations for the NetIQ JDBC Driver

Database Migrations Many high-level development frameworks employ the concept of Database Migrations when it comes to maintaining a database schema. Notable examples include Active Record (used primarily by Ruby on Rails) and Entity Framework (used primarily by ASP.NET). When using Database Migrations, simple code files are created – usually automatically – in the native language
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Getting Started with OAuth2Client on iOS

In creating a proof-of-concept iOS app that uses OAuth2 to consume the Google APIs, I began with the OAuth2Client project by the folks at nxtbgthng GmbH. This project is one of oldest and most active OAuth2 client implementations for iOS and OS X. However, while the project is a success, the documentation for getting started can
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