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How To Resolve Smartphone Security Alerts When Using Access Manager With Federated O365 Accounts

In today’s identity landscape there is a growing need to prove one’s identity beyond just a username and password. Growing threats from hackers and annoying ransomware have people and businesses implementing tighter and tighter security on everything from network access to hosted services like Microsoft’s Office 365 (O365). Common security additions include using multi-factor authentication
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Office 365 Connection Error (and Fix) in the Courion Access Assurance Suite

When encountering issues with the Courion Access Assurance Suite Office 365 Account Management Module (AMM) or the Password Management Module (PMM), typically one of the following two errors will be captured in the Ticketing table and the microsoft-office365pmm.log The user name or password is incorrect. Verify your user name, and then type your password again.
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