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Storing Multiple Values in a Single Value in NetIQ Identity Manager

Recently we encountered an organization that had deployed a rather ingenious solution to a seemingly complex problem within their NetIQ IDM solution. The organization is a large University with over a dozen campuses. Across this broad array of campuses, an individual can have multiple roles as both student and/or staff member at multiple campuses concurrently.
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Calling the NetIQ IDM Identity Provider Driver From Other IDM Drivers

In most cases, organizations that implement Identity Management (IdM) solutions identify individual users and associated accounts/access by assigning a unique identifier. These identifiers are non-expiring, non-reusable values, often assigned by an HR system. The value of these identifiers is that they never change over time. Marriage, divorce, transfer, rehires, etc., have no impact on these
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NetIQ Access Manager and Duo Web SDK

Multi-factor Authentication (MFA) has been around for a while but is becoming more and more common in organizations that want to make accessing resources and applications more secure. Even if you do not know what MFA is, odds are that you have interacted with it at some point in recent years. If you have ever
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