Event Logging

Best Practices for Logging

Setting up logging is one of the first things to configure when setting up a SailPoint IdentityIQ environment for the first time. Although there isn’t any set standard I have seen in setting up logging, there are a few simple steps I usually take to make life easier when trying to look through the logs.
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Quick Tip: Enhanced Kerberos Auth Logging in OMSS

During a recent OMSS project, we found we were having issues with kerberos authentication. We tried the typical things such as turning up logging, etc. However we found that the Access Server logs weren’t showing us everything we needed to see to troubleshoot the issue with kerberos. After some research and experimentation, we found a way
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Logging into & setting up iManager

Logging into iManager is a little deceptive if trying to do it for the first time. You will need three items: 1.The eDirectory login username. In my case this is: admin 2.The password for the user identified in step #1 3.The IP address of the server. Using the Tree name isn’t always reliable I have
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