Securing And Managing LDAP In Your Environment

How secure and well managed are your LDAP services? Ever considered using a LDAP Proxy? Shouldn’t my dumb VIP be sufficient for load balancing? In my past 18 years working with LDAP I have seen many neglected systems. I have seen systems that allow anonymous authentication, clear text over port 389, accessible scripts with user authentication information,
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Load Testing Your LDAP With JMeter Part 2

Welcome to part 2 of our two part series on load testing your LDAP with JMeter. In part 1, we setup a simple test plan with a thread group and loop controller along with a simple LDAP Request sampler. Today in part 2, we will look at using a CSV file to drive a multithreaded
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Load Testing Your LDAP With JMeter Part 1

JMeter is a powerful load testing utility supporting many different types of servers and protocols including HTTP, JDBC, LDAP, and TCP. This blog post will walk you through load testing an LDAP server. If you’d like to follow along, you should download and install JMeter before you begin. This open source tool and is freely
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