What Is IAM

Thanks to all that attended “Enabling Digital Access for Patients and Providers – Securely & Simply”

We had the pleasure of sitting down for an in-depth executive roundtable this morning with over a dozen leading healthcare information and security executives. While the topics were wide-ranging, the consensus was that identity security is critical, particularly in the face of increased digital engagement with patients and between healthcare staff. We look forward to
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IAM LESSON LEARNED #4: Determine Whether You Have People, Process, or Technology Issues

Harold Leavitt coined the phrase people, process, and technology in his 1964 paper, Applied Organization Changes in Industry. It’s been over a half a century since the introduction of this concept as a method to identify the key components for business success, yet IAM organizations (actually almost any organization) tend to default to solving problems
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IAM Strategy In Mergers & Acqusitions

Congratulations! Your company just completed a merger. Shareholders are happy, but those responsible for the new organization’s information technology are terrified. After all, information technology has become a key enabler of the business, and in order to truly become one business, everybody in the newly merged organization needs to use the same tools, applications, and data.
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