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10 Proven Steps to Guarantee Budget for Your Customer IAM Project

Customer IAM (CIAM) is a thriving field, and it is increasingly seen as the center of the digital transformation process. The ability to manage digital identities of customers from the point of registration, through login, through checkout, and during the paying process, and then to record, analyze, and act on the data garnered is a
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Why CIAM is Costing Companies $3.92 Million on Average

Customer identity and access management lets your company manage and capture customer ID and profile data. It lets you control how your customers access applications and services. A good CIAM solution will offer a variety of features, including: Self-service account management Preface and consent management Single sign-on Multifactor authentication Access management Data access governance Directory
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11 Question Not Being Asked Before a Failed CIAM Investment

The most dangerous questions are usually those that go unasked. This is true in connection to personal or business matters. Questions allow you to learn something new. They can inspire you to look at a familiar situation from a different standpoint or to spark fresh ideas. Questions lead to conversations, and conversations lead to relationships.
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Preempt Agentless RDP MFA PingID Part 2

In my previous blog, I highlighted the use of the Preempt platform with PingID for agentless multi-factor authentication (MFA) for secure login and policy enforcement. Similarly, it is critical to check and detect anomalous activity when accessing secure applications via federated access. The Preempt platform, since it sits and monitors all login activity, gathers ‘normal’
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