Privileged Access Management

Preempt Agentless RDP MFA PingID Part 2

In my previous blog, I highlighted the use of the Preempt platform with PingID for agentless multi-factor authentication (MFA) for secure login and policy enforcement. Similarly, it is critical to check and detect anomalous activity when accessing secure applications via federated access. The Preempt platform, since it sits and monitors all login activity, gathers ‘normal’
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Auditing IT Administrators with Privileged Access Management

Identifying and understand privileged identities within your organization is a daunting task. Managing, auditing and keeping the privileged account inventory up-to-date is even more challenging depending on the size and complexity of your IT footprint. Privileged accounts should be audited on a regular basis and organizations should understand what types of privileged access are being
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Unix & Privileged Access Management (PIM or PAM)

As the number of cyber-attacks increase, the need for organizations to increase their security posture has become more evident. Securing and managing privileged accounts by implementing a robust Privileged Identity & Access Management (PIM or PAM) must be a high priority. Privileged Users Privileged Users are identities that have the capability of performing administrative functions,
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