Quick Tip: Using Relay State with IdP-initiated SSO in OIF 11g

Recently, a client had a requirement to submit a RelayState URL along with an IDP-initiated SSO request. In this case, we were using the HTTP Post profile with the partner.  We referred to this documentation on Oracle’s website: click here. In the doc, there is an explanation on using Relay State with IdP and SP-initiated
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Web Single Sign-on (SSO) using SAML 2.0 & Shibboleth

In the past decade we’ve literally seen an explosion of web based applications make their way into many big and small businesses. No doubt, the payoff has been great. With various business models, such as Amazon and Ebay, the Web Service concept was born allowing companies to consolidate several “stores”, aka Portals, and offer the
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Enterprise SSO for Smarties: Tackling Hybrid Applications

A common scenario, especially for web applications hosted on a Microsoft infrastructure, is that the login screen is written in one technology but the password change process takes place using another. This is often referred to as a Hybrid Application. There are several types that you might run into but the solution is basically the
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