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rain storm 2021

What Is ABR? Why Should It Be a Top Priority for CISOs in 2021? Part One: IAM Assessment

IT departments and business leaders are facing increased scrutiny on how they protect access to corporate data. Manual processes for tracking and assigning user privileges are inadequate and unreliable. IAM enables granular access control and auditing by automating these tasks. This adds greater protection to corporate assets, be them on-premise, in the cloud, or in
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IIQDA 4.0 Plugin Installation with Full Features

While the IIQDA Plugin is a great tool to help your developers accelerate their development efforts, installation isn’t always straightforward. We’ve worked through challenges with many customers who’ve faced issues when installing and using the IIQDA4.0.2 plugin. One of the biggest challenges is that installation tips/guides seem to be either incomplete or scattered across multiple
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Creating Dynamically Generated Tasks for Account Aggregation

Having difficulties managing the aggregation of every application in IIQ? Many organizations have numerous applications in SailPoint that will need to be aggregated, but how can you manage aggregations for hundreds of applications? When new applications are on-boarded, how can you effectively add them to the aggregation tasks? Can you prevent an application aggregation failure
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The Time is Right to Consider Managed IAM Services

Once a niche subset of Infosec, Identity and Access Management (IAM) now sits squarely in the center of enabling digital transformation. The demands for advanced IAM capabilities continue to grow: IAM programs (and those who run them) must evolve to deliver an agile, adaptive, centralized service that enables business innovation with minimal friction while ensuring
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