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Custom extensions for Citrix Password Manager

Whether installed as a standalone solution or as a feature of a Citrix XenApp farm, Citrix Password Manager (CPM) provides a secure and effective Single Sign On (SSO) solution. Users benefit from no longer having to remember (or worse jot down on scrap paper) the numerous credentials needed to access the systems they use. Organizations
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OIM installation on WebLogic

Well it seems as though there are a couple of lessons learned here. First and foremost, when the Oracle Certification matrix says “support 10.3” that means that it only supports 10.3 – and not 10.3.x. Who would have known that a dot release could make such a big difference?
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My friend Rob (from Indigo Consulting) was having issues with and stopped by to find out what to do. Having had the same problem in the past, I looked up some handy dandy commands that will hopefully fix the problems (like crashing, slowness, etc.). If you’re having the same issue, or just curious, here’s
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