CIAM Assessment Roadmap

An IDMWORKS CIAM Assessment & Roadmap Will Lead To More Secure Consumer IAM While Ensuring A Seamless Customer Experience

Consumer/customer IAM (CIAM) program success requires a different level of access management from enterprise IAM because managing customer access can be more complex than managing employee access. Customer bases often scale quickly and there is a heightened expectation for a seamless customer experience. If it’s not frictionless, it’s not seamless, and in addition to security and compliance risks, a poorly executed consumer IAM program risks customer attrition.
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CIAM Assessment & Roadmap

The IDMWORKS Consumer IAM Assessment & Roadmap is a blueprint that takes a practical, structured and coherent approach to the management of consumer identities, their consents and their access and removal to/from systems & data.

Why Should You Assess?

There are several reasons to assess your current approach to consumer identity and access management including:

  • Ensure that the right people get access to the right resources at the right time for the right reasons (and that you can prove it to auditors.)
  • Improve the customer experience, eliminate waste, and increase security
  • Prevent and detect risk

What Should You Assess?

Consumer Identity

  • Registration-as-a-service
  • Social Identity Integration
  • Profiling/Verification
  • SSO/Risk-based Authentication
  • Consumer Identity Lifecycle Program

Consumer Consent

  • Preference & Consent Management
  • Self-service Preferences
  • Terms/Opt-in Management
  • Auditing Compliance Adherence
  • Auditing Compliance Alignment

Consumer Profile

  • Profile Governance
  • Analytics & Insights
  • Consumer Data Store/Security
  • Dynamic Schema

Building the CIAM Roadmap

IDMWORKS will create an ideal future state architecture for your organization that will define what can reasonably be accomplished incrementally within a phased long-term roadmap to successfully address the organization’s security services needs and vision.

This blueprint may include the implementation of several core identity & access management component processes, procedures and/or technologies to build a solid identity & access management services framework to support more efficient, more secure and more effective delivery of security services in the future.