The Unsung Heroes in the Security Space

Another day, another massive data breach in the headlines and this one isn’t even new. Facebook is grappling again with damage control as a previous data breach (discovered and mitigated in 2019) garners international attention with newly discovered published data sets of personal information for over 500 million customers.

Facebook may be able to withstand the reputational and financial damage that goes along with a data breach (side note: Facebook set aside $366M in 2020 to deal with GDPR fines associated with the breach), but many companies can’t and struggle to recover.

The good news? There’s a hero in this story. Someone who leads security efforts manages those efforts and gives direction to a team on how to prevent these attacks. They hold a business leadership role and bring huge value to every organization. They educate their teams and work collaboratively as a whole in order to stop hackers in their tracks.

They are the CISOs – the unsung heroes in the security space.

Our very own Gray Mitchell has been nominated as one of 150 finalists for the Top 100 Information Security Professional Award. This award is a peer-voted award determined by peer observation of work. These nominees are some of the top information security professionals in the world. 

Gray goes above and beyond to ensure the success of our company, but more importantly, our clients. Gray and his team work tirelessly to stay ahead of the latest in cybersecurity, so they can educate our team and clients on how to combat malicious attacks, build a resilient cybersecurity practice, and ensure critical data is secure.

Gray started his career at Consultrix as a Senior Information Systems Consultant. There, he managed a team of IT consultants. Two years later, he worked for the State of Tennessee as a Senior Information Technology Consultant, providing consulting and leadership to the Office of Information Resources and Technical Systems Support groups for the State of Tennessee. 

After that, Gray was in the healthcare industry for eleven years, serving as the Division Information Security Officer at HCA. He learned a lot in 11 years, all while leading and driving information security activities at the hospitals, physician offices, supply chain centers, and other facilities.

He then found his groove and passion as a CISO at New Hanover Regional Medical Center, TeamHealth, and is now the CISO and VP of Advisory Services at IDMWORKS. He is a crucial part of our team, guiding, leading, and educating along the way. 

A vote for Gray is a vote for hard work, grit, and determination to be the best you can be. Please join us all in voting for him. You can find his name about halfway down the page.

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