Creating A Custom Aveksa Review Report

So let us discuss building a custom review report using the Aveksa (ACM) product.

This custom report will:

  1. Generate a review report that will show who the reviewer is that generated the review.
  2. Show who the reviewee is
  3. Show the status of the review
  4. Show the entitlement that is associated to the reviewee
  5. Show comments about the review.
  6. Show information about a group review.

The views used in the query are as follows:

pv_users – contains information about the (users) reviewer and reviewee, such as their first and last names.

pv_review – contains information about the review such as the review ID, state, type and name

pv_review_component – contains information about the review components

pv_unified_entitlement – contains information about the entitlements users that are being review for

The following query will generate the review report for our customer:

(select Distinct

  users.first_name Reviewee_Fname,

  users.last_name Reviewee_Lname,







  users_r.First_name Reviewer_Fname,

  users_r.Last_Name Reviewer_Lname,


   CASE WHEN rc.STATE = ‘R’ THEN ‘Revoked’ ELSE ‘Approved’ END AS Status,

   CASE WHEN r.review_type = ‘G’ THEN ‘Group’ ELSE ‘Entitlement’ END AS Type


   avuser.pv_users users,

   avuser.pv_review_component rc,

   avuser.pv_review r,

   avuser.pv_review_component_change rcc,

   avuser.pv_users users_r,

   avuser.pv_unified_entitlement e



   and rcc.reviewer=users_r.id

   and rc.review_item_id=e.id)


Questions, comments or concerns? Feel free to reach out to us below, or email us at IDMWORKS to learn more about how you can protect your organization and customers.

Comments on: “Creating A Custom Aveksa Review Report”

  1. I’m not sure if I’m in the write place but I had a more advanced Aveska report writing question…

    Is there any way to prompt the user to enter the filter text when they are running the report?
    We are having to edit the report each time to change the filter.

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