Data Access Governance

Data Access Governance (DAG) Lets You Know Where To Find The Data That Is At High Risk

IDMWORKS understands that as documents get created and updated each day, some containing highly sensitive information, it is imperative for your organization to understand where the greatest risk for data breach exists.
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Get Visibility into Unstructured Data

Data Access Governance solutions deliver visibility into data that is unstructured or without organization on your network. Orphaned or non-owned and managed data can produce extreme risk conditions to your organization by allowing unsecured information available on file-shares, SharePoint servers, document management applications and databases to be available for the taking.

What Can Data Access Governance Do for Your Organization?

Data Access Governance (DAG) allows the organization to:

1. Mitigate the risk of insider theft attacks and data breach events through in-depth access analysis and remediation.

2. Fulfill compliance requirements through out-of-the-box workflows, remediation techniques, and reporting.

3. Ensure Least Privilege Access Control Principles so that users have just the right amount of access to do their jobs.

4. Integrate data managed by a DAG tool with current third-party and homegrown applications and systems to get the most out of your technology investment.